Down and Out in America (1986)

"They call us violent for standing up like we have at these rallies, in Glenwood and Worthington and everywhere, and they call it ‘violent’ and ‘militant’. But to me, we need to re-define violence. Because to me, it’s violent and militant to put people on the street from out of their home."

damn why do i feel like it would be crazy for this movie to be re-shot today?

15 yr old DJ Focus makes a radio station out of materials found in the garbage, powered by a generator to let people in his neighborhood listen to the radio. 


Claude Lelouch on Un homme et une femme (1966).

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R.I.P. Me ever drinking an Olde English 40 ever again.

while attending the most expensive punk festival in the country (world?), be sure to stop by the “punk mall”. quite bohemian, there’s even that dangerous spark of authenticity when you can go get an anarchy mickey mouse tattoo and wonder why the person across the way selling socks and sweatshirts “even has a stand here?”

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"The Dungeon"

Olivier Schrauwen

Mome v14

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"non stop start n’stop from oaklands finest 2 piece fastcore force.Their finest recordings to date. for those who doubt the credability of modern powerviolence, this 7" will have you wiping away the tears of nostalgic joy with the flap of your doo rag. 
*hand screened covers 
*all on colored wax(colors vary)”


sending a few of these out this week. looking at pictures of this record feels like another lifetime.

People like you have been denounced as “enemies of society”. No doubt you would indignantly deny being such and claim that you are trying to save society from the vampire of the State. You delude yourselves. Insofar as “society” means an organized collectivity having one basic norm of behavior that must be accepted by all (and that includes your libertarian communist utopia) and insofar as the norm is a product of the average, the crowd, the mediocre, then anarchists are always enemies of society. There is no reason to suppose that the interests of the free individual and the interests of the social machine will ever harmonize, nor is it desirable that they should. Permanent conflict between the two is the only perspective that makes any sense to me. But I expect that you will not see this, that you will continue to hope that if you repeat “the free society is possible” enough times then it will become so.

An Anthology of Individualist & Egoist Thought

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i made a yoob toob 

got some positive feedback in MRR #369. “THUMBSCREWS - One man blown out hardcore distort-o-rama? Sign me up. This shit sounds so damned fierce—the voice is one of pure menacing disdain and the ultra raw but thundering production absolutely cannot hide the power of these songs. If this is the sound of solitude, there is clearly hope for the loners. *quotes lyrics from the tape* -Robert Collins” 

at least i’m pretty sure that’s what it says. this also made this particular reviewers top 10 list. Order a tape from me for $4 to fund the next (90% complete) Thumbscrews tape titled “Remember All Ye That Existence Is Pure Joy”. 

As an aside, if you live in the tri state area, play fast punk music, and would like to be in the live line up please get in touch asap. 





Column of Heaven - Precipice

Everything is Fine
Eternal Woman (Hell of Your Love)
Love is a God from Hell - Wolves of Heaven
Hell is a Love from God - Wolves of Heaven
Survivalist, April 24th

Tried to click the heart button multiple times for this one.

Is that a RFR cover I see????? fuck. can’t wait to snag this (hopefully) at the providence show.

Hieronymous Cock (1518-1570)